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Digital X-rays

Our practice is equipped with the latest diagnostic imaging technology in order to aid reach a diagnosis for your pet.

Digital X-rays

We have a modern digital DR X-ray system onsite that we can use to provide further information on your pets internal health.

Abdominal X-rays can be used to diagnose obstructions in the intestine or stomach. They allow our vet to see any foreign objects which your pet may have swallowed. They can also help to diagnose bladder stones, heart or lung disease and some tumours.

X-rays can be used to diagnose fractured bones and create a plan on how to repair them. They can be used to aid the diagnosis of other orthopaedic conditions such as cruciate disease, patellar luxation and hip problems.

Unlike people, pets are unlikely to stay very still for us to take an X-ray, and therefore we sometimes need to sedate them. A sedation is a lighter level of sleep than a general anaesthetic and relaxes the patient so they will lay still so we can get a clear picture. 

In the event of your pets referral to a specialist veterinarian, the high quality digital images can be easily transferred.

Xray Suite